Harper eyes the Thanksgiving turkey

Jim Travers in a column in the Star opines that the PM sees an opportunity for easy majority win. http://www.thestar.com:80/article/264261 He speculates that Harper sees in St├ęphane Dion what Chr├ętien saw in Stockwell Day: an opportunity for an easy victory and, yes, a majority. Apparently Harper sees that the soft underbelly of the Liberals is exposed and ripe for an assault. Hence, his baiting of the trap for the Liberals in the fall session while he says publicly he doesn't want an election and expects only a minority. He sees Dion as a turkey ripe for the plucking.

Hillier approval rating low

The Globe and Mail's online poll recently asked:

Do you think Canada's Chief of Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, is doing a good job?

76% of the respondents disapproved of the General's performance. That speaks volumes about the public's response to Hillier's antics in upstaging our elected representatives. Let's hope that the PM soon comes to his senses and ends Hillier's tenure as CDS, as reported by CTV this past week.

24% 5880 votes

76% 18817 votes


Albertans finally wake up to oil company greed

According to a recent poll, an overwhelming majority of Albertans -- 88 per cent -- believe they are not getting their "fair share" from oil and gas royalties, and two-thirds want Stelmach to fully adopt the contents of a review panel report that has the major oil companies royally pissed. The majority of Albertans want oil royalties increased substantially. The oil companies are fighting back but it seems that Albertans have finally waken up to the rip-off the oil companies have been getting away with for years.


Hillier's Day of reckoning Looms

CTV News reported tonight that the Harper government plans to replace Gen. Rick Hillier as chief of defence staff when his three-year term expires in February. Hillier is widely perceived to have undermined former Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor. He also tend to upstage his politiocal bosses all the time.

In a democracy the military are servants of our elected representatives. Hillier forgot this so it is only appropriate that he be turfed at the end of his current term.