Is your vote for sale?

Is your vote for sale?

The underlying premise of the Goodale economic update ("budget")yesterday is that your vote is for sale. The second premise is that you can be bought with your own taxpaper dollars. Are the Liberals correct in their cynical assumption that the majority of Canadian voters are prepared to forget and forgive the corruption and scandal of the past few years in return for a Christmas bribe of $400 or so? I hope not. Twelve years of Liberal administration is enough. As Mark Kennedy wrote in the Ottawa Citizen, "The goal of the mini-budget is clear. It's an attempt to buy votes to keep the scandal-plagued Liberals alive at the polls."

While the alternative(s) may be unpalatable, better to vote for one of the alternatives than to condone the practices of the current administration.Martin would like to pretend that his government is new and different but, as Finance Minister through the Chretien years, he has to share responsiblity for the actions and inactions of those years.

It's time for a change. Vote for an alternative. Teach them that we are not sheep, to be taken for granted.

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Unknown said...

Yes, My vote is for sale. I live in Canada and tried to sell my vote on Ebay, they cancelled the auction. However if you know anything about Canadian politics, you would see are choice here is limited. If you know anybody who would like to buy my vote, for any reason (ex. if we ever appear on Survivor together), please email me at plusultra@shaw.ca