The Mike Klander fiasco

Thanks to Pierre Bourque's website for drawing our attention to the mad musings by Mike Klander, Executive Vice President of the federal Liberals in Ontario. The details of Klander's nutty bloggings are available here on Angry in the Great White North's site. Worth a read just to confirm how extreme some of the so-called prominent liberals are.

Additional details can be found on Stephen Taylor's blog . Taylor, not given to hyperbole, headlines his story thus:

"Bigger than beer and popcorn? You bet. This should sink the Liberals"

Canoe News reports tonight that Klander has resigned from his position of Executive Vice President Of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario):

Liberal exec resigns after comparing NDP's Olivia Chow to a dog on his blog


TORONTO (CP) - A high-ranking official within the Liberal Party of Canada resigned Monday after he made disparaging comments on his blog about NDP Leader Jack Layton and his wife, NDP candidate Olivia Chow.

Mike Klander, executive vice-president of the federal Liberal party's Ontario wing, stepped down after photographs of Chow, NDP candidate for the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina, and a chow chow dog were posted on his blog dated Dec. 9 under the heading Separated at Birth.

The blog also contained an offensive reference to Layton.

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Anonymous said...

Good riddaqnce to rubbish! Now if we could only get rid of Martin so easily. Maybe the income trust scandal will be the tipping point.