Implanted Patient-Data Chips Stir debate

Just a handful of Americans have had the tiny electronic VeriChip inserted since the government approved it two years ago. But the chip is being aggressively marketed by its manufacturer. Some doctors are welcoming the technology as an exciting innovation that will speed care and prevent errors. But the concept
is alarming to those concerned about privacy. Thre is concern that the devices could make it easier for unauthorized snoops to invade medical records. There is also concern that the technology marks a dangerous step toward an Orwellian future in which people will be monitored using the chips or will be required to have them inserted for surveillance.
Even though the medical information is stored in a protected computer, anyone with a password could obtain the information.

While there are potential medical benefits, there are growing fears about abuse of these devices.As an example, the government and private corporations could use these devices to track people's movements.

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Anonymous said...

This is scary. Big Brother is just around the corner waiting to monitor every aspect of your life.