Is Hillier a public servant or a Conservative politician?

General Rick Hillier has described the decade of Liberal rule as the military's 'decade of darkness'. This is not the first time General Hillier has stumbled into the political domain. The fact that the Conservatives are giving the military all the toys they want doesn't justify Hillier's crossing of the line. The miltary was not the only public service to suffer cutbacks while the Liberals fought to cut the deficit and bring public expenditures under control. I worked in a government department where we had to implement a one-third reduction in staff and a substantial reduction in service.

General Hillier should stop his bootlicking of Stephen Harper and get on with his real job. If not, quit and run for the Conservatives in the next election. The last thing we need is a politicized military force in this country.


Anonymous said...

General Hillier is too close to the Conservative government. You often get the impression that he is an advocate for conservative policies.In a democracy the role of a General such as Hillier is to privately lobby government on behalf of the armed forces and to discharge government policie, n=but not to serve as a mouthpiece for the government.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

If Hillier is such a Conservative "advocate" or "prop", one wonders why the Liberals saw fit to approve his promotion to the position as leader of Canada's Armed Forces.

Anonymous said...

Hillier is rumoured to be planning a run for political office, perhaps in NL. He shouldn't be using his senior military position as a platform to launch a political campaign.