Dion/May make pact

The Globe and Mail reports that Stephane Dion has decided not to run a Liberal candidate against Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the next federal election. In return, it is rumoured that May will promise not to run a Green candidate against the Liberal leader and will essentially endorse Dion for prime minister.

How will Liberals and Green Party members react to this deal? Will they see it as a means of bolstering May's chances of taking MacKay's seat from him? No doubt it will improve the odds. Dion is a shoo-in in his seat anyway so it'll make no difference there. Will Greens resent May cosying up to the Liberals and the Liberals resent Dion making a pact with the Greens?


Anonymous said...

Is this a brilliant move or blundering in the dark? Time will tell. Strictly speaking, neither Dion or May gave up anything. Dion was going to win his seat and the Liberals were not going to win MacKay's. What will be more interesting is the extent of Liberal/Green collaboration in other ridings.

Anonymous said...

I hope that May makes it into the house. It would be good to have a Green party rep in the House.

Anonymous said...

This is foolish.

Sure, it would be good to have a Green Party member in the house. So if May really wanted to help achieve that goal then why didn't she broker a deal in which the Liberals did not run in a riding where the Greens actually stood a chance at winning a seat--like in Ottawa Centre or Saanich-Gulf Islands? This is a squandered opportunity.

As a GPC member, I do not support this move AT all. It's a sell out in my opinion.