Afghan mission being reviewed

The Washington Post reports that the Bush White House is reviewing the status of the war in Afghanistan. They are said to be deeply concerned about the prospect of failure in Afghanistan. With no American trropds available, Bush officials are expected to continue pressing for more NATO troops to fight an insurgency that made this the most violent year since the Taliban and Al Qaeda were routed in December 2001.

According to Julianne Smith, director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies,the mission in Afghanistan is at risk of failure, as political support in European capitals is straining NATO’s ability to sustain, let alone expand its effort there.
“The mission in Afghanistan has been suffering from neglect on all sides,” she said.


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Anonymous said...

Bush made a fatal error when he attacked Iraq before dealing fully with the situation in Afghanistan. He had grounds to overthrow the Taliban for harbouring Al Quaeda but none for invading Iraq. The effect now is that the Americans are overcommitted in Iraq with no additional troops to spare for Afghanistan. They've bungled both operations.