Conservative election eve pitch

This is the Conservative pitch on election eve. I received it today

October 13, 2008

"Canada's choice: protecting the Canadian economy or experimenting with it
After five weeks of campaigning, the time has come for voters to decide. On October 14th, Canadians will choose a Prime Minister. They will decide who they think is the best choice to manage Canada's economy at a time of considerable global economic uncertainty. That choice is clear: Prime Minister Stephen Harper.Stephen Harper is the only leader who is prepared to tackle a period of global economic uncertainty. He is the only leader who has been talking about the economy not only since this election campaign began, but for the past year. He is the only leader who saw the economic storm clouds coming, and he is the only leader who had a plan. The other guys, literally, didn’t see it coming.Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Government developed and implemented a plan based on keeping the budget balanced, lowering taxes, protecting Canadian jobs and keeping inflation low. That plan has been in place for two years. That plan has worked. That plan is the reason why Canada is weathering the global economic storm better than any other country.That plan is the best way forward. That plan will keep Canada on the right track.If re-elected, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's top priority will be to protect the Canadian economy and everyone's stake in it. He will continue to provide certainty at a time when Canada needs it most.St├ęphane Dion's pre-occupation (because we know he can’t set priorities) will be to run his risky carbon tax experiment - an experiment that will destroy jobs and drive up the price of everything.Canadians face a clear choice: strong leadership that will protect the Canadian economy or risky leadership that will experiment with it.If you want a Prime Minister who will protect the Canadian economy, then give Stephen Harper a mandate.If you want a Prime Minister who will experiment with the Canadian economy, then give Mr. Dion a mandate to impose his carbon tax."

After reading it, I have to agree with Dion's statement that Harper has based his campaign on lie upon lie. Let's hope Canadians give him at best a reduced minority tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How can Harper be so duplicitous? He doesn't deserve to be PM. Send him packing.

Dame said...

OMG ..harper hs NO SHAME ... what a Liar a Creep a Nightmare he needs straitjacket .
He has to Go ...

Dame said...

sorry about The typos... I am so Upset.