Conservatives on verge of losing government

The detailed breakdown of the latest Ekos poll shows the Conservatives are on the "razor's edge" of losing government if an election were held today. Harper’s Conservatives would lose 33 seats and only maintain a slim hold on minority government if at all, according to an article by Jane Taber in the Globe and Mail.

Frank Graves’s seat projections are that the Tories would have only 112 seats compared to the 145 they have now. Last fall, when his polls had the Tories in majority government territory. Their biggest losses would occur in Ontario, dropping to 33 from 51 seats. The Liberals, meanwhile, would make gains in Ontario, taking 60 seats from their current 38. Nationally, Mr. Graves has the Ignatieff team winning 107 seats compared to the 77 seats they have now.

A steep price that Stephen Harper didn't consider when he decided to prorogue Parliament.


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