Danny Williams and medicare

Lorrie Golstein asks why are lib-left commentators giving Danny Williams an easy pass after he went to US for cardiac surgery. The columnist then indulges in the usual right-wing diatribe on why we need two-tier medicine in Canada.

There are some legitimate questions as to why people are letting Danny Williams off the hook on this. I think the main reason he went to Florida is because he could recuperate in the sun in his Sarasota condo.

The bottom line is that the Premier is responsible for health care in Newfoundland and Labrador. Hence, he should hacve accessed the surgery he needed here in Canada where it is available.


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James Russell said...

Williams should be taken to task much more severely – he’s not just a private citizen, but the premier of a province, responsible for the health care available to everyone in it.

I do take exception to one line in Goldstein's article though, viz: “After all, if you won’t put more private resources into the system, all you can do to save money is cut public funding.” You can sure as hell operate the system more efficiently and save money doing that. The problem may lie less with “underfunding” than with mis-allocating the funding that’s provided. [The doctor shortage is certainly a result in part of bad public decisions, not just funding ones.]