The Election: Day 34 (New Year's Day Gift for Conservatives)

New Ipsos Reid poll, reported tonight by Global National, confirms Conservatives are ahead nationally and in Ontario.

According to the survey, if a federal election were held tomorrow, 33 percent would cast their ballot in support of the Conservatives, up 1 point from last week.

32 percent would vote for the Liberals, down 1 point

18 per cent would vote for the NDP, that's up 2 percent.

The Green Party remains unchanged at 5 percent.

Perhaps of greatest interest are the results for Ontario which show the Conservatives at 38%, the Liberals at 36% and the NDP at 19%

Currently four in ten Canadians agree with the statement “I'd be comfortable voting for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to form the government in the next election because we'll probably have another minority which will keep them in check” - 44 percent of Ontarians agree with this statement.

Just one-third of Canadians now agree with the statement “I'd be comfortable voting for Paul Martin and the Liberals in the next election because they will govern very differently next time due to the lessons they learned from the Gomery Inquiry”

That's down 7 percent from a week ago, when Paul Martin garnered more support.

As Harper and the Conservatives continue to build positive momentum nationally (up 8 points), momentum for Paul Martin and the Liberals has dropped substantially (down 14 points) and is now strongly negative nationally (down 35 points).


The latest Ipsos Reid poll, showing Conservatives ahead of the Liberals both nationally and in Ontario, is sad news for the Liberals. The Liberals have miscalculated on the income trust "scandal". They are going to be hit hard on the integrity issue in the next three weeks. The corruption baggage will cost them the election. Look for the Opposition leaders to be gunning for Martin in the next set of debates.

Simply put, they should have pulled Goodale immediately when the RCMP criminal investigation became public. Quick action might have limited the damage. Now they're stuck with toughing it out and taking repeated hits on the integrity issue.



Anonymous said...

The liberals are in deep trouble. I was thinking of voting NDP but now I'll vote Conservative because the Conservative candidate in my riding has a good chance of replacing the Liberal. We've got to get rid of the Martinites.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Liberals are in deep shit and they deserve it. Vote Conservative or NDP depending on who has the best chance in your riding. Run Martin out of town:-)

Anonymous said...

It's high time the liberals were held to account for their actions in quebec. Martin has been all over the map in the first weeks of campaign.Harper needs to stay focussed.