The party's over for Paul Martin and his Liberal Party

Further evidence for my post yesterday can be found on Bourque today


Forget what Don Newman and Mike Duffy are glazing you over with, the election has not just begun, it's just about done. Get out the four-pronged eating implement, the party's over for Paul Martin and his Liberal Party. Bourque has learned that a cancerous malaise has infiltrated the highest echelons of his braintrust, a leadership increasingly desperate to gain traction in the waning weeks of the campaign. Senior Martin Libs are privately telling Bourque that "the game is over". Not even "mega-billion dollar policy Hail Maries", as one lifer put it, is buying goodwill from an increasingly cynical electorate. One key source, a Martin heavyweight in the Toronto financial community, surprised Bourque overnight with an email touting a potential post-Martin leadership candidate. "The writing's on the wall, Pierre, you were right, but (name omitted) is the real deal, you watch, his time is coming !" Further evidence of grave concern at the top is witnessed by a very well-placed operative inside the Liberal War Room who claims a certain degree of discord is beginning to permeate the front-line troops based on increasingly distressful poll results. "Pierre", noted one regional campaign kingpin who prefers to remain in the weeds, "the national campaign has stalled and HQ is not taking input from us, it's very frustrating !" Add to that, news from Tom Clark, CTV's top political observer, who told his eggs-and-bacon audience this morning that the Liberal campaign team has a mole who is leaking policy and platform information to the Conservatives and the media, something Bourque told Martin bullwark David Herle in an email three days ago. For skulduggery lovers, the plot thickens. For Martin Liberals, sadly, the plot sickens. "Only a miracle can save us", admitted one longtime Lib MP. One word of caution, Bourque admires the Liberals' incredible ability to fight back from the precipice. Herle and his key folks are heroic fighters, they have every quality needed to turn this thing around. As a well-known TV pundit put it to Bourque, "these guys haven't won as often as they have because they roll over when things get tough." Developing ..."

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Anonymous said...

The infighting will intensify once the votes are counted. I've voted Liberal all my life but not this time. Martin's hypocrisy is just too much to stomach.