Are the Tory defence plans impractical?

The Toronto Star has an article quoting several so-called defence experts stating that Tory defence plans are impractical. They describe the Conservatives campaign
promises for new icebreakers and 13,000 more troops as long on ambition, short on financing.

During the election the Conservatives promised to bolster the military with new ships, soldiers and an Arctic force. The Tories promised to recruit 13,000 new, full-time soldiers and another 10,000 reservists; to build three heavy, armed icebreakers, an Arctic deepsea port and a surveillance system to keep watch over the North; and to buy new ships and planes. They pledged to add $5.3 billion to the defence budget over five years.

According to the Star, analysts say the promises already look far more costly than the Tories have suggested. This raises the question: were these campaign promises properly costed? Are they affordable given the other Conservative priorities, not including the cost (undetermined) of rectifying the "fiscal imbalance"? Have the Conservatives promised much more than they can deliver without driving us into deficit?


Anonymous said...

There's no way canada can afford all the expenditues on defence that the Conservatives promised. Harper will bankrupt us unless the opposition keeps him in check.

Anonymous said...

Definitely. Their priorities far exceed the budget available. It'll be interesting to see their first budget.

Anonymous said...

they will do it

the artic is melting twice has fast as previously thought, which means the artic will open up.

experts think by 2050 there will be an open passage during the summer months for commercial ships, there will be massive sea ports built, and it's all by design, it has nothing to do with greenhouse gases or global warming

the us did not sign kyoto, because there hell bent on destroying earth, they have technology that control weather

google "weather wars"
google "weather control"
google "HAARP" alaska

Anonymous said...

Jacobin, many of your predictions are on the mark.But that's not going to enable the Conservatives to fund all of the things they've promised. But we do need a presence in the Arctic. Our recordin defending our sovereignty there has been abyssmal.