Potential Liberal leadership candidates

Potential Liberal leadership candidates, who haven't ruled out a run:

Carolyn Bennett
Maurizio Bevilacqua
Scott Brison
Denis Coderre
Ruby Dhalla
St├ęphane Dion
Ken Dryden
Joe Fontana
Martha Hall Findlay
Hedy Fry
John Godfrey
Ralph Goodale
Tony Ianno
Michael Ignatieff
Gerard Kennedy
Ashley MacIsaac
John McCallum
David McGuinty
Dan McTeague
Bob Rae
Belinda Stronach
Joe Volpe

Is there anyone on this list equipped to rebuild the Liberal party and lead it to victory in the next election?


Anonymous said...

Highly doubtful!

Ogilvie said...

I would love to see Dan McTeague as leader, but being against abortion he wouldn't get a look-in as the leader of the Liberal Party--any Party, for that matter.
Some say McTeague doesn't quite have the personality to be a prime minister, but then, does Stephen Harper?...did Paul Martin?...Jean Chretien? Charisma has been in short supply in the case of Canadian prime ministers---and anyway, it's an overrated personality trait. McTeague would bring honesty and integrity, and a good deal of smarts to the job. But I'm dreaming. I know it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

My choice is Godfrey and Ignatief.

Anonymous said...

First rank:
Gerard Kennedy (his background and his persona are winners. His only problem is that he may be too far left. Check out his biography on-line and go to such web blogs as Calgary Grit and TDH for more information)

Second rank:
John Godfrey

Third rank (with major communications problems that are probably fatal flaws):
Ken Dryden
Stephane Dion

Would have been nice if there was not a problem in timing/name:
David McGuinty
Ralph Goodale

And I’ll add in another who is not on your list and can’t win but should run:
Dennis Mills

cardinal47 said...

I've read about Kennedy for a while now on CG and TDH and other blogs. I'm not yet persuaded.

Godfrey may be an intelligent man but I don't think he has what it takes to lead the nation.

Dryden was a good hockey player but is a wooden politician. He puts people to sleep.

Stephane Dion is a person of integrity, a strong federalist, and has the intellect. He does not come across well in English but I certainly respect him highly.

I know David McGuinty personally from the years when he was with the NRTEE. He's a smart capable individual with the McGuinty clan behind him. He's not a natural politician but that may be a plus. Like Dion he deserves consideration. The fact that Dalton is dragging in the polls may not help him.

You forgot to mention Belinda. Now there's a candidate who has it all:intellect, deep policy thinker, money,etc :-)

Anonymous said...

More than a month ago, I made a set of criteria for the best kind of leader of the Liberals and this is how I came to the conclusion that Gerard was the best alternative and Godfrey second. You have to read about Godfrey to know why. See his website and Wikipedia. I heard him on Studio 2 a while ago and was impressed, but he has made some enemies with the Warren Kinsellas of this world for some reason. That and the fact he is in his mid sixties are his major weaknesses. However, the key to keep the Conservatives from their majority next time is for the Liberals to maintain strength in the cities and take back the “loaned votes” from the NDP. Quebec would be nice, but I don’t know how the Liberals could fight the Mulroney-like strategy in that province. Stephane Dion is someone I also admire, but he would be a disaster in the west and also, I fear, in the cities. McGuinty suffers from too little time in politics but more importantly there is no way that Ontarians would have two McGuintys in power. I happen to think that Dalton is doing one hell of a lot better than the previous government and deserves to crush John Torey (he of Rogers negative billing fame and a sense of corporate entitlement), so I can only support David as a powerbroker to be brought on-side by the winner and placed in a prominent role.