Visionless Liberals

James Travers' hardhitting article in the Toronto Star, entitled "Visionless Liberals running hard to nowhere", very succinctly articulates the current state of the Liberal party:

"At the moment, Liberals are utterly lost. After careening through two years and two elections with Paul Martin, a party that once boasted it was the western world's most successful no longer dominates the political centre, is out of fresh ideas and has no obvious leadership light to follow out of darkness.....

"And these are far from normal times for Liberals. A party as dysfunctional as the Sopranos is many months, if not years, away from resolving its internal differences and needs at least as much time to think through what it means to be a 21st-century Liberal.

"That begins with soul-searching and ends sometime later in a strategy that aggressively presents innovative public policies with the emotional appeal that wins elections."

Regrettably, he concludes, the Liberals are "A party obsessed with power ....now hurtling toward nowhere."

I concur.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, Jimmy boy! Couldn't have said it better myself! Harper will be laughing all the way to the next election if the Liberals don't do better than this.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Belinda Stronach as the front runner come voting time? What has the party of Laurier become?