CAW cuts ties with NDP

Some time ago the Ontario NDP voted to dump Buzz Hargrove because of his antics during the election.In retaliation the Canadian Auto Workers council has voted to break ties with the New Democratic Party. The union said the resolution "encourages CAW local leadership, staff, members and CAW local unions currently affiliated to the NDP to withdraw all support and affiliations to the NDP federally, provincially and in the territories."

The NDP should say: "Good riddance, Buzz."


Anonymous said...

I agree. Buzz Hargrove is a disgrace to the CAW and the NDP. he made a pact with the devil/Martin/ and will reap the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

And Buzz and the CAW Union should say good riddance to the NDP. I am a fan of neither, but the NDP’s aggrieved state during the election, (based on Buzz’s request for unions to vote for the Liberals ONLY IF the NDP was not a factor in a riding), is pretty appalling considering the outright demand for “lending your vote” that it hammered people with in ridings where the NDP and Liberal vote split and the Conservatives came up the middle. I read the article that you provided the link for, and I found the NDP was just as culpable and nasty (actually more so) as the CAW/Buzz was. Neither is seen in a good light. Just reinforces what I think of Layton and the gang. Can dish it out, but can’t take it.