Further move to continental integration

The Council of Canadians has denounced the results of the recent Cancun trilateral summit on the grounds that the PM has taken Canada further down the road of continental integration - a move that will further erode Canada’s ability to make decisions independent of the United States and in the interests of citizens.

The Summit dramatically advanced the agenda of deep integration by creating a new North American Competitiveness Council and mandating ministers to meet with business leaders - an unprecedented development.

This latest development clearly puts business leaders in the driver’s seat and gives them the green light to press forward for a North American model for business security and prosperity.

“Stephen Harper brought Canadian CEOs with him to Cancun and yet there has been no public consultation and no parliamentary debate,” says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians. “Harper campaigned on ‘standing up for Canada’ but he has proven, at this summit, that he is standing up for the corporate sector without regard for what the public really wants or needs.”


Anonymous said...

Harper is already rolling over for tom D'Aquino and his big business team.Same as Martin.Bush still calls the shots in North America even though he's losing the Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

You can expect harper to take us further down the road to integration with the US, particularly if he gets a majority in the next election as seems likely at this time.