Adam calls on Harper to boost bilingualism

Dyane Adam, Canada's official languages commissioner has called on PM Harper to show his support for boosting bilingualism. Adam bemoaned in her annual report "a leveling off over the last decade in the quality of the service to the public in the official language of choice." She contends that Canada is still not doing enough to ensure the government works properly in both English and French, despite 40 years of striving to be bilingual.She also expressed concern that the new Conservative government -- with a power base in the English-speaking province of Alberta -- might lose interest in the file.

Harper in the past referred to bilingualism as "the god that failed."

First thing Harper should do is send Dyane Adam to the recycling bin. She's a fanatic.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of listening to Dyane Adam call for every federal job from Victoria to St. John's to be designated bilingual. Harper got rid of Samy Watson. Adam should be next.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Harper is going out of his way to boost his seats in Quebec in next election. So he's unlikely to take the steps necessary to fix the bilingualism fiasco.