NRCan expunges "sustainable development."

NRCan is busily extinguishing the term"sustainable development" from permitted use in Departmental publications. In its place they have substituted "responsible development."

Given that"sustainable development" is used around the world and in many international treaties and in existing Canadian legislation, this attempt to expunge the concept of sustainability from the government's lexicon is pathetic at best. More seriously it probably reflects that big industry is in charge of the Conservative agenda. It is a harbinger of what will happen on environmental issues should the Conservatives secure a majority next time.


Anonymous said...

Another example of how the Cons will deal with environmental issues.Their Kyoto stance is just the tip of the iceberg. If they achieve a majority we will see the dismantling of our environmental legislation.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't understand the balance implicit in the concept of "sustainable development" this may just seem to be quibbling about semantics.In reality the Conservatives are jettisoning the idea of sustainablity.