Harper has no shame

The Harper government has hired a former Quebec separatist cabinet minister who played a key role in the 1995 referendum campaign to investigate the polling contracts of the previous Liberal government. Daniel Paillé, the "independent adviser" hired to conduct the investigation, refused to say yesterday whether he is still a separatist.He has been hired to investigate all government practices regarding polls and other public opinion research from 1990 to 2003. He is to look at files, contracts, reports and records.

What kind of vindictive nonsense is this? Harper hires a separatist to look into the polling practices of the Chretien government. Does he have no confidence in his own ability to win election on his own merits? So he has to go digging under every stone to see whether there's any more dirt he can turn up? This would be laughable if it weren't so offensive.


Anonymous said...

Harper's greed for power knows no bounds.The more he engages in this sort of nonsense the more he reveals his true character.

Anonymous said...

so by your logic we no longer need the police, courts or jails cause that's just vindictive!

imagine having to account for your criminal misdeeds!

And it isn't Chretien's group that was the "vindictive" target. They were investigated by Gomery by Martin. Martin shielded him and his people from the investigation and that is what is being looked at now.

The original terms of the gomery inquiry specifically excluded gomery looking into Earnscliffe and the Martin gang.

There needs to be a full accounting of the liberals theft and more needs to be done so that it isn't just the ad execs going to jail. The politicians and civil servants are not above the law.

I doubt you objected to Mulroney being investigated by the RCMP at the direction of Alan Rock.

cardinal47 said...

If the focus is on Martin, why is he looking at 1990 to 2003? Gomery did his work and those who engaged in criminal activities are now being charged and punished, as they should. A civil servant has gone to jail.

Re my views, check my blog archives for December 2005/January 2006 and you will see that I heaped scorn on the Liberals at that time and blogged for change. But now Haper is behaving childishly and squandering his advantage.

Anonymous said...

This really is extraordinary. I think Paillé could write his report now without even conducting any investigation -- and that the PQ and BQ will applaud his report and his findings.

Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star has a good editorial on this http://www.thestar.com/which poses the question:"Do Canadians need to probe federal polling during the 1995 referendum period more than a decade ago? And can Prime Minister Stephen Harper find no better-qualified person to conduct it than a Quebec separatist?" It concludes:
"Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion has accused Harper of playing "low politics." Liberal MP Denis Coderre says "they appointed somebody who hates federalists, hates Liberals. Is this payback time by the separatists?"

"The Liberals have a point. This was an imprudent appointment, for a questionable inquiry. It is a national embarrassment."

202589 which poses the question: