As Bush fiddled America loses superpower status

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS has an excellent article on how America is Running Out of Time on counterpunch. His basic thesis is that Bush focused so much on a pointless war in Iraq that he lost sight of what needed to be done at home. Indeed, worse than that, he diverted funds from essential domestic programs to fund the Iraq war. At the same time he has plunged the U.S. into debt it cannot sustain.

As Roberts puts it:

George W. Bush will go down in history as the president who fiddled while America lost its superpower status.

Bush used deceit and hysteria to lead America into a war that is bleeding the US economically, militarily, and diplomatically. The war is being fought with hundreds of billions of dollars borrowed from foreigners. The war is bleeding the military of troops and commitments. The war has ended the US claim to moral leadership and exposed the US as a reckless and aggressive power.

Focused on a concocted "war on terrorism," the Bush administration diverted money from the New Orleans levees to Iraq, with the consequence that the US now has a $100 billion rebuild bill on top of the war bill.

The US is so short of troops that neoconservatives are advocating the use of foreign mercenaries paid with US citizenship.

US efforts to isolate Iran have been blocked by Russia and China, nuclear powers that Bush cannot bully.

The Iraqi war has three beneficiaries: (1) al Qaeda, (2) Iran and (3) US war industries and Bush-Cheney cronies who receive no-bid contracts.

Everyone else is a loser

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