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Keyword Burner
With more and more people getting online at a record pace, the number of people building their own sites is also increasing exponentially. Building a site is easy enough, but getting traffic to your site can be very challenging! Google, Yahoo! and MSN rule the roost of the search engine market, but figuring out how to show up at the top of the results is no easy task. Today's site provides info and tips on how to get a leg up in selecting keywords that can help you appear higher in the search engine listings.

The site is called Keyword Burner, and you will find it an indispensible tool to regularly consult as you build your web site and grow your Internet business.

One way people have traditionally attempted to find out how changes to their site will be affected in Google is to attempt to decrypt by using Overture, Wordtracker and others, hoping to get some data that will reflect what is going on at Google. Keyword Burner puts an end to that task.

Just enter your keyword or phrase and with one mouse click you'll

A full list of all searches done on Google containing your
input that have bids.

The top bids for each word or phrase.

Google's actual estimate of how many clicks you could expect if
you had the #1 bid for that phrase.

The total number of searches done each month on Google for this

The list of pages that come up on Google when that phrase is

Once you have this valuable data, you can click one button and have all the keywords appear in a text box that you can easily copy and past without all that messy
code, numbers, and so on - no list cleaning!

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