Inside Gomery/Taxpayer ripoff

Fran├žois Perreault, Judge Gomery's Press Aide, has written a book entitled Inside Gomery. According to promotional material from the book's publisher, Douglas & McIntyre,this book reveals how Gomery's work was completed "in spite of bureaucratic and political resistance. The behind-the-scenes legal manoeuvrings revealed in the book will expose the nasty underbelly of Canadian politics and how the power game is really played in this country."

Perreault wrote this book with the judge's permission before the inquiry commissioner tabled his final report and while he was being paid by Canadian taxpayers. Taxpayers paid this guy richly while he was writing this book. This shows Gomery lacked common sense. The government should ask Perrault to refund a substantial portion of the funds he was paid.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that gomery allowed this guy to write this book while he was paid to work for the Commission. This is a travesty.It calls into question Gomery's vanity and ethics.

Anonymous said...

Perrault should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town. Sanctimonious little p****. Taking the taxpayers dollars and polishing up Gomery's image. He's no better than the villains of ADSCAM.