Bush/ Congress running out of time

Bush' credibility took a hit when it was revealed that he authorized the release of sensitive intelligence in an effort to discredit a vocal critic of the invasion of Iraq. It is now doubtful that he can reverse a political nosedive. Bush is becoming powerless to influence events in Congress, where rebellious Republicans and opportunistic Democrats have combined to stall some of his most important initiatives.

Iraq continues to plague Bush's presidency as civil war looms. As one commentator observed, "This president can now measure in a relatively few number of months his window for effective governance."

An AP-Ipsos survey recently released indicated that only 36 percent of the public approves of Bush's job performance. The same survey also indicated that only 30 percent of the public approves of the job performance of the Republican-led Congress, and those polled said Democrats should control Congress, 49 percent to 33 percent.


Anonymous said...

Bush's credibilty has taken a nosedive. It looks like the Republicans will lose their control of the Senate and things are looking up for Democratic candidates for the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

So why, pray tell, did the American people take so long to find out? Where are all the private interest groups that spent so much money in the last election: evangelicals, right wing veterans’ groups, big oil, Rove-ites, the Saudis, Billy Reilly’s media friends, etc etc. Now that they put him back in the White House through a campaign of dirty tricks and election fraud, why are they feeling that the end was not what they expected? Or is there another agenda? And if so, what is it? Where have all the zealots gone? If we knew that, we might better understand what is now going on re Bush.

Anonymous said...

I remain perplexed why Americans re-elected Bush for a second term even by a tiny margin. He will have bankrupted the US and made it a pariah in the world by the end of his term.Who will pick up the pieces?