Graduates should pay if they leave Nova Scotia

Former Nova Scotia premier John Hamm’s prescription for dealing with the annual exodus of Nova Scotia university graduates to greener pastures is: "Punish those who leave, reward those who stay." He has proposed a carrot-and-stick approach to stem the exodus of new graduates.

He proposes that students who leave the province after they graduate should pay back some of the cost of their education.

"We have traditionally been a training ground for other jurisdictions and maybe we should look more aggressively at saying, ‘If you stay in Nova Scotia, that’s great, but if you don’t stay in Nova Scotia, maybe there’s an indebtedness that you take on by taking the training that was paid for partly by the Nova Scotia taxpayer and take it to another jurisdiction,’ " Hamm said.

Nova Scotia university tuitions have climbed to become the highest in Canada at an average of $6,281.


Anonymous said...

Hamm has lost his marbles. Nova Scotia university students already pay more for their tuition than anywhere else in the country.

lance said...

Downeaster: "...already pay more for their tuition than anywhere else in the country."

Which, of course, completely misses the point.

Care to take a gander at the tuition _without_ tax payer subsidies?

All he's saying is that if you sponge of a jurisdiction . . . you owe the jurisdiction.

The fact the NB students pay more is simply reflective of the amount of tax dollars available to education. Want lower tuition, then more tax goes into it; need more tax, then you need more buisness; need more business, then you need more grads working and starting business is NB.

Simple, no?


Pete said...

If anything this could potentially lead to the demise of New Brunswick's small university community. If Hamm goes forward with this it would serve him right.