The secret plot to destroy the Liberals

PAUL WELLS wrote a column in Macleans entitled "The secret plot to destroy the Liberals." The essential thesis is that all the back-scratching between the Tories, the NDP and the BQ is aimed at removing the Liberals from the game board.

While the column by Wells makes for good reading, the terminology "plot to destroy" is a bit strong.

There's no doubt that Harper would like to see the NDP weaken the Liberals by garnering more left-wing votes. But that doesn't constitute a conspiracy.

This is not much different from the Liberals chuckling as Preston's Reform Party stole votes from the PCs.

Obviously Harper needs to keep the Liberals weak if he is to secure a majority.

What's surprising about that?


Anonymous said...

Harper is playing the game very well so far. Obviously he needs to reach out to the NDP and the BQ for his minority to survive. Also he needs to lay the groundwork for a majority next time. Bolstering Layton's position vis-a-vis the Liberals is essential to achieving that objective.

Anonymous said...

It harkens back to the last election where Layton spent all his time criticizing the Liberal platform and giving the Conservatives a free ride even though the latter’s agenda is antithetical to what NDPers theoretically believe should be the policies of the government. In asking Liberals to “lend their vote” and trust them, the NDP sought to portray itself as a principled left of centre party. Instead, it showed itself to not have an ethical leg left to stand on. If Harper gets his majority, and implements his REAL agenda, it will be the NDP that is responsible for that situation, not the Liberals. Yes, I know, from your perspective just politics as usual. From my perspective, it means I have lost all respect for the NDP and especially its leader. He disgusts me. I feel as strongly about him as you did in the height of the Martin-Gomery-Liberal debacle.

And no, it is not a surprise what Layton is doing. I would expect as much from him.

cardinal47 said...

I totally disagree with you about Layton and the NDP. Martin deserved to be turfed. It's up to the Liberals to rebuild themselves and pick a leader that Canadians will want to vote for/policies too.

The fate of the Liberals is up to liberals, not Jack Layton.