Fashion Rocks/a snapshot of what's wrong with America

Fashion Rocks/a snapshot of what's wrong with America September 9 2005

CBS tonight carried the program Fashion Rocks,exhibiting a nixture of flashy fashion, bare skin and celebrity-obsessed rock stars. A less tasteful exhibition of what is wrong with America is possible but unlikely. Shame on CBS for proceeding with this tribute to the values of materialism, vanity, money and sex immediately following a one-hour concert carried by all networks in Canada to raise funds for victims of Katrina. That concert also featured stars but they sang songs and requested donations in a quiet manner respectful of the tragedy and those whose lives were swept away by the waves of Katrina and, although well-known,they sang and spoke unnamed.

Meanwhile CBS chose to proceed with its previously scheduled worship at the altar of America's idols. There were token references to Katrina as the program unfolded but the main message was clear- Let's rock and google the gorgeous models attired in the designs of America's famous and outlandish designers.

Disgusted by this exhibition of poor taste, I switched channels. On NBC I found an in-depth examination of what went wrong with the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort. This featured interviews with experts who had warned that the levees were inadequate and had prepared reports warning of potential disaster. No doubt debate will continue on apportioning the blame for this debacle and there's plenty to go around.Meanwhile people cannot but wonder:How could the most powerful nation on earth fail so utterly in protecting and rescuing its citizens?


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