NDP proposals make sense

The NDP is calling on the Liberals to reform system.The NDP's Ed Broadbent is calling on the Liberals to clean up government and he's even offering to show them how to do it.

The seven-point NDP package proposes:

-MPs should not be permitted to change parties without resigning and running in a byelection.

-Election dates should be fixed and held every four years.

-Reforming the electoral process by combining proportional representation with the current first-past-the-post system.

-There should be spending limits and transparency conditions on leadership contests within political parties.

-Tougher laws to end unregulated lobbying and political cronyism.

-A fair process for government appointments to end unfair and unethical patronage practices.

-Better access-to-information legislation to make government more transparent.

These proposals make a lot of sense to me. Any chance that Paul Martin will act on them? Not a chance. Martin talks the talk but is not very good at walking the walk.

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