Why you should go with your gut

A recent study says the best way to make a tough decision is to put your feet up and think about something else. Apparenntly unconscious consideration yields the most satisfying decisions. The study says you should list the pros and cons, then sleep on it.

Often people assume that the best way to tackle a difficult choice is to list the pros and cons and ponder them deeply. Others believe we do better to sleep on it, leaving the decision-making to our unconscious, or intuition.

An experiment indicates that for the simple decisions, students made better choices when they thought consciously about the problem. But for the more complex choice, they did better after not thinking about it. When making some complicated decisions, such as choosing a car or house, the results suggest that we would actually do better to go with our gut.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting study. This explains why many of us act on what we call intuition.