Harper facing non-confidence over Afghanistan

The opposition parties are threatening to pull the plug on the Tory minority government over its handling of the mission in Afghanistan.This could put Dion between "a rock and a hard place" or in the sweet spot, depending on how he plays it. If the Liberals united behind him to vote with the NDP to back the BQ motion, then Harper would be in a hell of a fight on the last issue he would want to fight an election on, foreign policy.Bring on the election!


Anonymous said...

This could be a perfect opportunity for Dion.Combined with the environment, Afghanistan would make a perfect trap for Harper. Bring on your motion,Duceppe.

Anonymous said...

Stop lying. Duceppe said that, not all the Opposition.
Sheesh. If you think you are going to win over right-thinking people you'd better quit lying in your first sentence. MSM anyone?

cardinal47 said...

Anonymous: Click on the link and you will find the first sentence comes from the Canadian Press coverage. In addition to Duceppe they make statements on position of other parties.

What do you mean by: "right-thinking people"?