Even conservative commentator turns against Harper

Diane Francis, writing in today's Financial Post, poses the question: Just what is Harper trying to pull? She observes:

"The decision by Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, to prorogue Parliament again has upset some and sent others to their dictionaries.
The word means suspension, but not dissolution, and is an eye-glazer that masks to most Canadians the irritating fact that the Tories have essentially given federal politicians a month off with pay to watch the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It's irritating that leaders would do this in a jobless recession.
The unjustifiable manoeuvre is undemocratic but most annoyingly unbusinesslike for Canada's party of business. Those, unlike MPs, who actually work for a living are outraged if they know about it. Others feel that the country should be prorogued for three weeks with pay to watch the Olympics, too, under the government's stimulus programs. This would be as effective as shovel-ready projects."


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Deborah said...

Harper is getting a hell of a lot more backlash over prorogation and abuse of power than he ever expected from the conservative press as well as the grassroots.