Canadians dying to prop up reactionary Afghan regime

The Taliban were notorious for their suppression of individual freedoms and rule by religious clerics. Has the West merely replaced one reactionary regime with another? Afghan President Hamid Karzai has apparently approved a request by religious clerics to reinstate the notorious vice-and-virtue department despite protests from human-rights groups and female politicians. Does this mark a return to the ways of the Taliban? Are Western, including Canadian soldiers', lives being sacrificed to prop up a regime which in several respects may be as reactionary as the one it replaced? Should Canadian troops be in Afghanistan given these disturbing developments?


Anonymous said...

The answer is: No, we should not be at war in Afghanistan propping up reactionaries at the expense of Canadian lives.

Anonymous said...

We should never have gotten bogged down in the quagmire of Afghanistan in the first place. thank God Chretien kept us out of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Chretien kept us out of Iraq by committing us to Afghanistan.

Thank God for Chretien???