Canadians want to bring troops home from Afghanistan

As a follow-up to yesterday's post I was interested in today's online Globe and Mail poll. Results are below:

The Globe and Mail recently surveyed Canadians on our military's mission in Afghanistan, the results suggest most are not in favour of mission. What do you think the government should do:

Bring Canadian troops home now
(58%) 17855 votes
Remain in Afghanistan for a limited time, perhaps two years or more
(15%) 4524 votes
Stay as long as it takes to stabilize the country
(27%) 8234 votes
Total votes: 30613


Anonymous said...

This looks like serious trouble for Harper. Looks like he may have seriously miscalculated the impact of the Canadian mission as warriors in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

This means trouble not only for Harper but also for Ignatieff. It's time for Liberals to start focusing on an alternative leadership candidate. Bot who?

Anonymous said...

Harper will increase his national vote share from 36% to 39%.

The Liberals will drop from 30% to 27% and the NDP will pick up a couple of points.

Harper will get his majority by having a 10 point spread over the Liberals.