An Apology to Goodale

Last winter during the election campaign Ralph Goodale and the Liberals came under great attack when the RCMP Commissioner revealed that the RCMP had launched an investigation into possible leaks of a planned announcement concerning income trusts. Now the RCMP has exxonerated Goodale and the Liberals of any wrong-doing in this matter. Meanwhile the Conservatives are running ads in Quebec perpetrating the allegation that Goodale did something wrong. Goodale is owed an apology. I, like others, was guilty of prejudging Goodale and the Liberals on this matter while blogging on the election. I offer Mr. Goodale my modest apology. Stephen Harper should have the decency to apologize and to pull the ad now playing in Quebec.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the Conservatives and their leader have no sense of decency. Partisanship is one thing. Continuing to accuse Goodale of wrong-doing when he has been exxonerated is something else entirely, a darker kind of politics.

Anonymous said...

No decency indeed. Harper had the audacity to ask Goodale for an apology to the Canadian people, for what I don't know.The PM is a pit bull who doesn't know the meaning of reason.