Exxon's obscene profits

Exxon,the world's largest publicly owned oil company, announced the largest corporate profit ever, a near $40-billion (U.S.) windfall in 2006.This has sparked an angry backlash, since the announcement was made on the eve of the IPCC report blaming the use of fossil fuels for wreaking devastation on the planet.

Apparently Exxon has been using some of those obscene profits to fund initiatives to create skepticism about the impact of climate change and opposition to policies that would reduce the use of gasoline and other oil products.

Good corporate citizen,eh?

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Anonymous said...

It makes you want to weep. They're gouging the earth, conspiring to discredit the warnings about climate change, and reaping obscene bucks in the bargain. These are the kind of corporate biggies that Harper and his lackies have been listening to until a month ago, like Paul, they were converted on the road to Damascus. John Baird headed to Paris to wrap himself in the cloak of a true believer... I don't whether to laugh or cry..