How the mighty fall

The media pundits made great ado over Chretien hanging on to power to thwart the great pretender Paul Martin. Now it's Ralph Klein's turn. Is it possible? Only 55%percent of the delegates supported him continuing as leader. And it was only yesterday that the MSM were questioning whether he would stay if he got as low as 70% support!

It reminds me of Joey Smallwood who led Newfoundland into Confederation with Canada and ruled the province as king in all but title for 21 years. As a student rebel at MUN I remember joining the protests to tell Joey it was time to go. But he clung to power until bested by Frank Moores in a tied election in 1971. Young Cabinet Ministers Clyde Wells and John Crosbie had already deserted him by crossing the floor to sit as independents.Crosbie went on to a successful career as a federal Conservative and Wells to the practice of law until he returned as Liberal Premier years later. Joey did great things for Newfoundland as Ralph no doubt did for Alberta. But he refused to recognize, like Ralph, when it was time to move on. There are countless other examples of politicians who cling to power long past their "Best Before" date.

And Ralph, easterners will never forget your immortal words: "Let the eastern bastards freeze!"


Anonymous said...

How could Klein have miscalculated so badly? Now he will leave with egg on his face when he could have left triumphant.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, what a miscalculation indeed. All he had to do was shut up and continue governing and just see out his term until fall 2007. But instead he had to boast and make a big rar-rar announcment that he's leaving NEXT YEAR, getting everyone riled up.