Why Gerard Kennedy is not PM material

The Liberals need a credible alternative if they are to have any chance of defeating Harper next time. Gerard Kennedy just does not have the heft for the job. He'll also be carrying the baggage of being part of the McGuinty govt as anti-McGuinty fever begins to build in Ontario. But an even bigger con is that David Herle is in his camp, according to today's Ottawa Citizen.


Anonymous said...

There is no basis for this. I have search the citizen's website and it isn't there at all.

where is your proof

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Herle line looks like total BS.

cardinal47 said...

Well,anonymous, you'd better research more thoroughly next time. According to Deirdre McMurdy in Friday's Citizen,page A5, "Martin-era loyalist David Herle, on the other hand, is said to be in Gerard Kennedy's camp."

That's my source.