MacKay grovels at Rice's feet

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay went to Washington and met U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In post-meeting interviews he gushed like a schoolboy about great Rice is and how pleased he was to meet her.

"I'm delighted to be here. I've always been a fan of yours,'' he told Riceat a joint news conference in an ornate department ballroom.

"And much of our discussion today confirmed what I already knew about you from having followed your career.''

"We're very grateful and I personally extend my thanks to you for your generous and very kind invitation to be with you,'' he said as Rice smiled politely.

The meeting, said MacKay, allowed the two to establish a "personal rapport'' indicative of the "historic'' relationship. He noted Rice's "warmth, her intelligence on so many of these issues in which Canada has a deep and abiding interest.''

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Anonymous said...

MacKay blunders from one event to another.He's ill-suited for the role of Foreign Affairs Minister. Harper should have put him in charge of Public Security.