The Canadian Election: Day One

It's now official. The writ has been dropped. We will vote on January 23rd. And already the parties are staking out their positions. Martin calls Harper a neocon who made an alliance with the devil(The Bloc Quebecois).Harper emphasized the need for "change" repeatedly in his remarks. Jack Layton talked about electing more NDP MPs to "get results".

An Ipsos-Reid poll for CanWest shows the Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck at 31 % each as the campaign starts.That's a significant drop for the Liberals!

The CBC tonight reported the results of a survey on the top 10 issues as identified by Canadians. Healthcare remains the number one issue with trust identified as number two.You can expect Layton to position the NDP as the defender of Medicare. Harper will undoubtedly go for the jugular on the trust/integrity/corruption issue.

Stay tuned.

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