The Canadian Election: Day Two

The Ottawa Citizen front page today covered the Ipsos-Reid poll showing the Liberals and Conservatives tied at 31% each. There was some media coverage of Harper's gay marriage statement of yesterday. The majority view was that it would be forgotten as the campaign progressed.

Harper struck today at the ethics issue by promising the establishment of an office of public prosecutions. A Conservative government would institute an independent office of public prosecutions responsible for investigating criminal activity on Parliament Hill.

Harper told a campaign rally in Quebec City that such an office would ensure nothing like the sponsorship scandal happens again without the politicians or public servants involved being punished. Details at CBC website

The other major story is the rocky start for the candidacy of Michael Ignatieff in Etobicoke. Rumoured to be a future contender for the Liberal leadership, Ignatieff was parachuted into Etobicoke after nearly 30 years living outside Canada and after the last minute resignation of Liberal MP Jean Augustine.Bourque has been having fun with this one giving all the gory details of who did what to whom.

Helping to keep the sponsorship issue at the forefront, former PM Jean Chretien launched his court case against Gomery today, alleging bias and that Gomery's conclusions do not correspond with the testimony before the Commission.

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